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Digital airspace kit 



learn airspace

No more boring videos or hours of lectures.

The Airspace Kit brings a hands on and simple to understand approach to the complex National Airspace System.

The Airspace kit

The Airspace kit is one thing. Simple.

We took all of the confusing and overwhelming information and organized it into easy to understand cards and 3-Dimensional models.

This kit is a must have for any Flight instructor, Student or flight school.


Even makes a great display for any FBO or aviation enthusiast.

3-Dimensional models

The Airspace Kit comes with 3D representations of Class B, C, D and G airspace.

These models are essential to understanding how these airspace classed look and interact with eachother.

Private pilot airspace

Instructional Cards

To supplement the 3D models are our instructional cards. these break down all of the information about each Class of airspace in an easy to understand manor. 

Great for self study and a must for any Flight school classroom or CFI flight bag.

types of airspace
private pilot airspace

What's in the kit

In the Airspace Kit you'll get everything you need to understand basic airspace.

- 5 3D models

- 6 easy to understand airspace class cards

- Easy to understand training sectional

- Aviation terminology card

- Airspace chart diagram


"The second my instructor put this on the table, it all made sense"

- Private Pilot Student

"In all my 20 years I've never seen anything like this"


Our product is proudly 100% made in the USA and supports American small business.

Thank you so much for showing interest in our product.


We are a new company and currently just starting out. Our products are currently made to order. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Check out our "About Us" page for more on our story.

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