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The story of The Airspace Kit began as I was just beginning my career as a pilot. I have always had a passion for aviation, helping others and making things. This is the bedrock for The Airspace Kit you see today.

The idea for The Airspace Kit came about while I began working as a CFI. While teaching airspace, in particular, I noticed this subject was confusing to students due to the raw amount of information. And especially so in regards to airspace being 3-dimensional.


I then came home and thought "There has to be a better way to do this".


I had been making models since I was young and that night I was working on a model Spitfire. As I was it all became clear. "Why not make a 3D model to show my students!" and with that, The Airspace Kit was born.


To add value.

It's that simple. From day one I said to myself, even if this kit helps one pilot become a better and safer pilot then I have done what I've set out to do.

My passion has always been aviation. To be able to share that, help others and add value is what this product is built on.


Becoming a pilot is a huge, life changing endeavor and we are here to help.

With that, our purpose is three simple things.

Educate - Insure our products and actions help and educate others in anyway.

Inspire - help others to fulfill their dream and share our passions.

Innovate - Insure we are doing our best to solve problems, create products and help others become better, safer pilots.


We plan to continue development of flight training aids and services in order to promote the education, safety and inspiration of current and next generation aviators and enthusiasts.


Free shipping. No questions asked returns.

The Airspace Kit is and always will be a 100% American Company.

With everything from our paper, plastic and final product designed & made in the USA

Thank you for reading. we hope we can become part of your story.

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