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We offer a range of custom services to suit your needs. 

We understand that although the basic kit we offer is essential to understanding the national airspace system it is of even more importance that each flight school has a physical representation of their local and surrounding airspace.

As a solution to this we offer custom airspace services to meet your requirements. From your home airports airspace to entire sectional pages we can help. 

We use the same scale as our basic kit so your airspace model will fit over a current FAA sectional. 

NY sectional1.JPG

New York FAA sectional. Not for navigation use. all rights reserved by FAA

​Some things to consider when choosing your custom airspace;

  • What is my local airport?

  • Where do I or my students practice the most?

  • What local airspace is hard to understand / visualize?

Custom airspace prices will vary on these factors;

  • Size of sectional area to be represented.

  • Height of airspace.

  • Complexity of airspace.

  • Lead time requirement.

Not sure where to start?

For a Single airport and Class G base we recommend our "Custom Basic" option. Please include this in your request email.

The Custom Basic covers your airport and local airspace on a 5x5 inch Class G base. Approximately 35nm of your local airspace on a 1:500,000 FAA sectional. This option will have your airspace in the center and any surrounding airspace within it.

Which ever you choose we will work closely with you to insure the area is correct and if any other custom information is required.

To get started on your custom airspace kit please contact us!

Please include your local airport name and code. sectional area, Custom basic or any other information or ideas you have.

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