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The Airspace kit and all products on this site or associated products are first and foremost training aids. All products are intended for on the ground and inside use with a Certified flight instructor. 


All of the information within any of our products or on this site are a supplement to in person instruction and training given by a current CFI (Certified Flight Instructor).


We are not responsible for any outdated, miscommunication or misinterpretation of the information within this product or affiliated products which result in a violation or misunderstanding/miseducation of any kind by a person individually or of which was trained by a CFI whom used this product as a training supplement.


It is not the responsibility of us to insure proper certification and training of a student for which our products or any affiliated product has been used during their training at any point.

All symbols and colors in our products are representative of their FAA counterparts and are not 100% accurate.

All designs, products and documents are copyright and intellectual property of the airspace kit. 

By purchasing or downloading our products or material you are agreeing to not resell, redistribute our products.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2023

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