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Class D + G Expansion kit 


This Kit is a must for anyone learning airspace beyond the basic classes. This kit represents what we most commonly see in the real world on real FAA sectionals.


This kit shows, Class E stepping down to 700, Class E to the surfance, via a Class Golf base, and into an airports Class D airspace.


This visualization is essential to a students understanding of how these airspace classes work together in our natonal airspace system.




This expansion kit comes with 2 models that are made using a state of the art 3D printer by small family owned shops around the USA. Using plastic made in the USA as well. These models are of Class Delta and Golf


Note: Class E airspace is all of the air around the model and Class A starts 18cm above the model to its scale. 


Having a 3D reprersentaion is essential to the understanding of the national airspace system for students and rusty pilots alike. This also makes The Airspace Kit a must have for any flight school or CFI.


These models also make a great display for any FBO or aviation enthusiast. Check out our custom airspace for your local airport and/or surrounding airspace.


Training Sectional


This kit also contains a training VFR sectional. This makes a huge difference in how you learn about the FAA VFR sectional and makes it far more inviting. Our sectional only contains the airspace symbols. no infomation, terrain, VORs or anyother destracting or overwhelming infomation.

Focus on one thing. Airspace.


This kit contains:

1 - Class G Model

1 - Class D Model

1 - Training Sectional





Our products are 100% made in the USA with care and are hand finished. With this we like to let it be known that  3D printing leaves evidence of support filament below models and has a slight ribbed feeling. this is a by-product of the manufacturing method and one we would like our cilents to be aware of.

Class D + G Expansion kit

SKU: 0007
  • Kit size - 5" x 5" x 4"

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